Prospects for Identifying Ureilite Parent Bodies

Mark Hammergren, Adler Planetarium, Chicago, USA
Drawing connections between a given meteorite type and particular asteroid taxonomic types (or even specific asteroids) remains fraught with difficulties, despite the unique degree of ground truth provided by the characterization of 2008 TC3 and the recovery of the Almahata Sitta meteorites. Nevertheless, we examine whether ureilites (including the anomalous Almahata Sitta) display distinctive and recognizable spectral features, the potential appearance of these features in asteroid reflectance spectra, and how asteroid surface processes (that were not preserved on the recovered meteorites) might modify these spectra. By using reflectance spectra and synthetic spectrophotometry of ureilites, we investigate whether any potential ureilite parent bodies may be found in asteroid spectroscopic databases or in the Moving Object Catalog of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.