Magnetic signatures of the Almahata Sitta meteorites

V. Hoffmann et al. , IFG/ Univ. Tuebingen, Fac. Geosciences, Univ. Muenchen, Germany
We will present first results of our pilot study on the magnetic signature and paleomagnetic record of Almahata Sitta polymict ureilite. A large set of magnetic properties has been studied, also at low and high temperatures, in order to determine the magnetic phase composition. The paleomagnetic record of Almahata Sitta is of extraterrestrial origin, most probably from the Ureilite parent body. Additionally, SEM/EDX, EMPA and optical microscopy provided a more detailed view of the magneto-mineralogy/petrology and fabric of this unique material. Our results will be compared with magnetic data of some other ureilites.