Searching for the Ureilite Parent Body: origin of 2008 TC3 in the asteroid belt

Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA
The recovery of meteorites, called "Almahata Sitta", from the small Earth-impacting asteroid 2008 TC3 firmly links ureilite meteorites to F-class asteroids. In recent years, it has been argued that all ureilite meteorites originated from one body, the Ureilite Parent Body. That body was shattered in a massive collision and a series of daughter asteroids formed from the debris, as is evidenced by polymict ureilites such as Almahata Sitta. Hence, the Ureilite Parent Body is now presumably one of the asteroid families. In this presentation, we investigate the location of this parent family in the asteroid main belt. Dynamical and spectroscopic arguments are presented.