On the possibility of formation of nanodiamonds in Ureilites by shock waves generated by the explosion of the meteor within the Earth's atmosphere

Shahinaz Yousef, Astronomy and Meteorology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

2008 TC3 is an F-type class asteroid. The fragile recovered material of this class (Almahata Sitta) contain nano diamonds. It is suggested that during the explosion at a height of 37 Km above ground, the shock wave caused instantaneous formation of nanodiamonds from the graphitic carbon already present in the meteoroid. In order to differentiate between the present suggestion of terrestrial formation and an extraterrestrial origin, perhaps an experimental procedure can be developed to differentiate between early and late formation. It is also suggested to look for diamonds and glass in the vicinity of where the shock wave reached the ground. While in field, it is suggested to look for trees or fruits knocked down by the shock wave.